Harley Quinn’s pain

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  • I wear a costume
  • With diamonds of red and black
  • I protect my Clown Prince
  • From the Bat with the cape on his back
  • This clown I love
  • With feelings deep and true
  • Even though he loves me
  • He always leaves me blue
  • Ivy says he’s no good for me
  • and that I should leave him for her
  • Since I’ve met him
  • My life has been a blur
  • A life at Arkham
  • Is what he has caused me
  • He claimed it was his love
  • When he hit and abused me
  • Now I sit here
  • Alone in my padded cell
  • In this cage
  • Is were I dwell

    This poem, I feel a bit funny when I read it as I feel like this would be the expression of Harlequin’s feeling in the woman side (I mean, if Harlequin is a girl then it would be her feeling statement). The modern love story descended from Harlequin’s love story with Columbine.



    Harlequin poem

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    Created by Kikyo1732 on Friday, March 17, 2006

    My distorted sanity
    Rigid with hate
    Imprisoning safety
    Saves me too late
    My torturous existence
    Mingled with fear
    Without my consent
    They keep me hear
    This consuming depression
    Absorbed within
    My anguish resides
    Disguised as a grin
    Impervious to pain
    I slip into madness
    It can never refrain
    But gives way to sadness.
    Dark, deadened eyes
    Drowning in tears
    Mirror of fate
    Endured all these years
    Whispered words
    Garbled like fear
    I cannt answer
    I’m not here

    Incoherent thoughts
    Filter through my mind
    Everything eles is forgotten
    Just left behind
    Closed for discussion
    There is no reply
    I deserve no answer
    Only to die
    And it continues
    Pouring like rain
    Frustration apparent
    Killing my brain
    But then i remember
    I just don’t care
    Fare is forgotten
    It never was there…


    Mind map research

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    Mind map

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    Here’s my mind map for Harlequin. Basically, I divided this topic into 4 categories; history, legacy, costume, and trivia. Based on my research, actually I found that the research results can be categorized into 2 main groups, history and legacy. It’s because the topic Harlequin reviews a lot about history, especially art history, and then to balance my research (in means not to discuss only about history) I research the legacy of Harlequin in modern world as well so that we can compare the idea of Harlequin in the past and present days.


    However, in the end, I decided to use 4 categories because I think it can show my mind map clearer and more constructively. The initial idea of history and legacy, I brought it up by using different shades on these categories to show the contrast between of history and legacy, and as well for past and present, old and new, classic and modern.


    Harlequin animals

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    Harlequin duck



    Harlequin shrimp



    Harlequin poison frog



    Harlequin fish



    Harlequin lady beetle


    Harlequin color

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    Harlequin is a color described as located between green and yellow (closer to green than to yellow) on the pigment color wheel. On color plate 17 in the 1930 book A Dictionary of Color(see reference below), the color harlequin is shown as being a highly saturated color at a position about 3/4 of the way between green and yellow (closer to green than to yellow).

    The first recorded use of harlequin as a color name in English was in 1923.[15]

    Harlequin is also an adjective used to describe something that is colored in a pattern, usually a diamond shaped pattern, similar to the dress traditionally associated to Harlequins. Similarly, it can mean anything multicolored or prismatic, such as opals or other precious gems which are highly variegated in color & hue. 

    Other sources portray a color called Harlequin green as being a color close to spring green.


    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlequin_(color)#Harlequin

    Picture of the day…

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