Costume and mask

The Harlequin costume consists of a jacket and trousers made of irregularly-shaped colored material, a white felt cap occasionally with rabbit or fox fur. He always wears a belt with a wooden spatula, which refers to the slapstick, hanging from it. The slapstick is made from two thin strips of wood that are separated by a half inch piece of wood connected to the handle. A loud ‘snap’ cracks out when these two slats are struck together.




Arlecchino’s costume is tight with multi-colored patches in either symmetrical or random patterns. This patches later on evolve into a diamond-shaped pattern.




He also wears a black half-mask with demonic features. Sometimes, he has a bristly moustache and eyebrows and a large nose. A typical part of the Harlequin costume is the red lump on the head. Arlecchino’s mask is reminiscent of a cat’s face: neotonic features with a twist of evil. The forehead is low, and the eyes are small around holes. The nose is not very large because Arlecchino is relatively smart among the peasants (the longer the nose, the stupider the character).

~ by hanathebanana on January 14, 2009.

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