Mind map

Here’s my mind map for Harlequin. Basically, I divided this topic into 4 categories; history, legacy, costume, and trivia. Based on my research, actually I found that the research results can be categorized into 2 main groups, history and legacy. It’s because the topic Harlequin reviews a lot about history, especially art history, and then to balance my research (in means not to discuss only about history) I research the legacy of Harlequin in modern world as well so that we can compare the idea of Harlequin in the past and present days.


However, in the end, I decided to use 4 categories because I think it can show my mind map clearer and more constructively. The initial idea of history and legacy, I brought it up by using different shades on these categories to show the contrast between of history and legacy, and as well for past and present, old and new, classic and modern.


~ by hanathebanana on January 28, 2009.

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