Harlequin poem

Created by Kikyo1732 on Friday, March 17, 2006

My distorted sanity
Rigid with hate
Imprisoning safety
Saves me too late
My torturous existence
Mingled with fear
Without my consent
They keep me hear
This consuming depression
Absorbed within
My anguish resides
Disguised as a grin
Impervious to pain
I slip into madness
It can never refrain
But gives way to sadness.
Dark, deadened eyes
Drowning in tears
Mirror of fate
Endured all these years
Whispered words
Garbled like fear
I cannt answer
I’m not here

Incoherent thoughts
Filter through my mind
Everything eles is forgotten
Just left behind
Closed for discussion
There is no reply
I deserve no answer
Only to die
And it continues
Pouring like rain
Frustration apparent
Killing my brain
But then i remember
I just don’t care
Fare is forgotten
It never was there…


~ by hanathebanana on February 19, 2009.

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