Harley Quinn’s pain



  • I wear a costume
  • With diamonds of red and black
  • I protect my Clown Prince
  • From the Bat with the cape on his back
  • This clown I love
  • With feelings deep and true
  • Even though he loves me
  • He always leaves me blue
  • Ivy says he’s no good for me
  • and that I should leave him for her
  • Since I’ve met him
  • My life has been a blur
  • A life at Arkham
  • Is what he has caused me
  • He claimed it was his love
  • When he hit and abused me
  • Now I sit here
  • Alone in my padded cell
  • In this cage
  • Is were I dwell

    This poem, I feel a bit funny when I read it as I feel like this would be the expression of Harlequin’s feeling in the woman side (I mean, if Harlequin is a girl then it would be her feeling statement). The modern love story descended from Harlequin’s love story with Columbine.



    ~ by hanathebanana on February 19, 2009.

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